Volumetric Cinema
I am part of an interesting project using a Voxon which is a kind of 3D display. It is not technically a hologram but it is a lot like “holograms” in movies especially Star Wars. It is in the lab of an MIT Media Lab professor who is collaborating with a Harvard professor, who is planning on making a narrative film to be shown on this. I am part of a group helping him figure out what is possible with it. I made this scene (using Unity, c#, and stock models) to see how it would work to “cut” between different angles within the same scene. The final film will be produced Summer 2019.
Songs with a Story
I am taking a class on "Designing Educational Media" at Harvard Extension School. My final project will be a Youtube channel with videos that use popular music as a way to educate people about history topics relevant to social justice issues. That will be completed by June.
Visionists of Boston
Since I completed my film "The Visionists of Boston" I have continued doing research, when I have time between other projects, on Boston's turn-of-the-century arts community, particularly F. Holland Day and his friends. I post new information at http://visionistsboston.org. If you are researching or making media on related topic I would be happy to hear from you.
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