Volumetric Cinema
Since January 2019 I have been a "cinematic researcher" on a team working with a Voxon, a device that produces a small 3D image that can be viewed from any direction (similar to the Princess Leia projection in Star Wars.) It is made by a company in Australia but we are working with one in the Object-Based Media lab within the MIT Media Lab. Led by a theater/media professor from Harvard, our goal is to create a short 3D narrative film for the Voxon that should be completed by the end of 2019. My role has been to adapt cinematic techniques, such as scene transitions, to this format, which requires writing c# code for Unity game engine. In the clip below I was experimenting with "cutting" between different "angles" in the same scene.
Educational Media Experiments
In Spring 2019 I took a class at Harvard Extension School called "Designing Educational Media," and I got particularly interested in how media can be used to introduce people to new ideas that they are not necessarily looking for. I started two projects which I plan to continue as I have time: "Songs with Stories" is a Youtube channel that attempts to game Youtube's recommendation algorithm to introduce young people to history topics relevant to social justice issues. "How Big Is Big" is a series of videos made with the Universe Sandbox 2, a solar system simulation engine, to help people visualize powers of ten, particularly as they relate to wealth inequality.
Visionists of Boston
Since I completed my film "The Visionists of Boston" in 2016 I have continued doing research, when I have time between other projects, on Boston's turn-of-the-century arts community and emerging LGBT community, particularly F. Holland Day and his friends. I post new information at http://visionistsboston.org. If you are researching or making media on related topic I would be happy to hear from you.
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