"The Great Remembering" is a very short fantasy film that asks the audience to question what they know about their own ancestry and the scope of human story.  I am working with a talented costume designer / leather smith to create a look for a neolithic tribe that could be anybody's ancestors.  We plan to introduce them with this film, which I am producing myself to submit to festivals.
The "ancestors" in the film will be portrayed by actors in their 20s on screen, who will speak withe the voices of elders.  I am currently seeking voice actors:
Once we have the voice parts recorded and costume designs complete I will be seeking funding to complete the film.  The on-screen costumed actors will lip-synch the recordings from the voice actors.  I will put out a casting call when we are ready to shoot (hopefully early spring 2018) but feel free to contact me sooner if interested.  For the film to make sense, both the voice cast and on-screen cast must be diverse, so I am particularly happy to hear from actors of color.  I am happy to send a script if you are interested but would like more details.
I am looking for help with this project including:
Co-Producers with expertise or resources to contribute to a truly unique and independent project.
Hair and Makeup Artist who would enjoy the challenge of creating a look for a tribal people.
Voice Actors - see above.
On-Screen Actors - see above, 4 males and 4 females, 18-29, not a speaking part (each actor will be lip-synching the voiceover.)  Will get to wear and be photographed in really cool costumes.  Men will be shirtless, women will be topless but will have a garment around their neck that partially covers their chest.  If you are biracial, or if people usually cannot guess your ethnicity, that is a plus.  Can be union or non-union-- will apply to SAG-AFTRA as a "new media" project if needed.
Sound Designer to contribute soundscape and effects for voiceover that will make the audience feel they are being spoken to by their ancestors.

Cave paintings, about 9300 years old, in Cave of the Hands, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina.  Photo: Mariano via Wikimedia Commons.
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