Other Media

Print Design, Web & Social Media, Coding

Graphic Design (Print)
Tools: Adobe CC
Flyer design for MIT Earth Resources Lab
Booth design for MIT Earth Resources Lab, in collaboration with MIT A/V designer Mike Healy. 
Sticker design (personal project)
Poster for my film "Children of the Sun".
Web and Social Media
Tools: Drupal, Wordpress, Facebook, Linkedin, Vimeo
At MIT Earth Resources Laboratory I was the primary staff-person coordinating with the designer (Alphabetica) and developer (Penzias) of our new Drupal-Cloud-based website, as well as populating it with text and images.  I created our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Vimeo pages and continue to create content for them.
I created a Wordpress-based site as well as a Facebook Page to promote my film "The Visionists of Boston" and share my ongoing research on this group.  I wrote all of the text for the site.
I created the Residential Life Programs Section of the MIT Division of Student Life's Drupal-based site.  (Since maintained by others).
I created a Wordpress-based site and Facebook Page to promote my neighborhood of artists during Jamaica Plain Open Studios.  (Since maintained by others).
Tool: Processing
Using the Java-based programming language Processing, I created software that moves video loops in time to the music in a venue.  Here it is in action at a nightclub in Boston, using loops I created in collaboration with visual artists Colette Aimee.
I also use Processing to create generative animations for some of my video projects, such as these based on Hubble Telescope images.
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