Documentary Filmmaking
I am an experienced filmmaker focused on history, the arts, science, and education. I produce my own independent documentaries as well as documentary-style promotional videos for schools and non-profits. My primary tools are Canon DSLR and Adobe Creative Suite.
Experimental Media
I love experimenting with new types of media and content, including 3D, generative video, and visuals that respond to music.
I shoot event and promotional photos, including most of the photos on the websites and social media I manage. I also enjoy fine art photography. My primary tools are Canon DSLR and Adobe Creative Suite. I also have experience with 35mm film, b&w darkroom, and alternative process printing (gum bichromate, cyanotype.)
I write interactive tours for an urban exploration app in addition to writing the scripts for my films and content for social media. Please contact me for the password.
Web & Social Media
I manage the website and social media for an interdisciplinary lab at MIT, and have created and managed websites and social media for other organizations as well as my own film projects. My experience includes Drupal, Wordpress, wikis, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
More Film & Video
Filmmaking has been my lifelong passion. I started shooting and editing video when I was in middle school, and was fortunate to attend a top-ranked film school, the U. of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. More recently I updated my skills as a Master's student in Digital Media at Northeastern U. Over the years I have made music videos, fantasy films, and experimental films, and documented countless artistic performances and academic presentations. I have worked with nearly every format of video as well as 16mm and Super-8 film.
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